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Ogba Oride - Eto Keno

Minister Eto Keno (Eto-K) is a Gospel music Artist, Producer, songwriter, music teacher for well over 28years. He is from the Isoko speaking nation in delta state, Nigeria; and has blessed lives with this traditional contemporary song titled OGBA ORIDE (MIGHTY WARRIOR). This is a worship/praise song appreciating God almighty for His protection and care upon our lives as well as adoring and acknowledging His Justness, Might, Power and Authority over everything and everyone.  Ogba Oride is a song that connects one with heaven.


Ogba Oride Eto Keno

Date 2020-02-13
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Lyrics of Ogba Oride (Mighty Warrior) by Eto Keno


Ovie……… (King)

Agbadagbururu (Thunderous)

Adheze oma uv’ owho (He appears and burdens are lifted)

Asiwighelese (Ever present help)

Atobe yo ‘robe no (when you get there, you meet Him there)

Iye dudu (Fearful)

Omewe Omewe (I am that I am)

Afure (Purest)

Ma nyaze ti jiri owhe yo Baba (We’ve come to praise You Father)

Jirie eh (Praise Him eh) Jirie yo (Praise Him)

Jirie eh – eh – eh (Praise Him eh – eh – eh) Wha j’ oma jirie yo (Let us praise Him)

Jir’ Oghene ogba oride (Praise God the Mighty/Greatest warrior)

Verse 1

Roro irere n’ ero owhe, re who k’ Oghene ajiri

(Think of the benefits you got, and give God praise)

Kareghe h’ on’ oru k’ owhe, re who he so ile ro kee

(Remember all He did for you, and sing songs to Him)

Oghene mai na igbunu, are sai jes’ iruo abo rie rehe

(Our God is a Wonder; one can’t describe all the works of His hands)

Eme ma sai ro jirie, ile ajiri ovo eh

(What can we use to praise Him, Only songs of praise eh)

Wha jo ma jirie yo (let us praise Him

Chorus 1

Jirie eh (Praise Him eh)

Jirie eh – eh – eh (Praise Him eh – eh – eh)

Jir’ Oghene ogba oride (Praise God the Mighty/Greatest warrior)

Verse 2

Rok’ ogho uzuazo no who ru omai, ma re sai yere owhe rehe

(For the gift of life you gave us, we cannot appreciate you enough)

Aruoriwo gb’ ethatho ra, ikperhu th’ esiwa

(Your grace and protection are higher beyond measures)

Dede n’ edho be make hore, ma re se owhe b’ ejiro ho

(Though the devil still fights, we won’t stop praising You)

Keme na wh’ ovo h’ Oghene, obe ovo n’ ut’ akpo na ruru

(Because You alone are God, One leaf that’s enough to cover the whole universe)

Who gine Ghene, who vo av’ ona yo eh

(You’re really God, You are full of details eh)

Oye h’ Oghene (He is God)

Chorus 2

Oye h’ Oghene avona (He is a detailed/meticulous God)

Ote ta no y’ ota no (when He speaks, He has spoken)

Ote ru no y’ oru no (when He does, He has done)

Ore nwene he, Ore rerie he (He changeth not, He turneth not)

Ore re udi hi (He does not take a bribe)

Jir’ Oghene ogba oride (Praise God the Mighty/Greatest warrior)


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