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Michael Atansek - Jehovah is my God Michael Atansek - Jehovah is my God

I am one man with One God, idolatry is not my thing. I know a God, He is the only true God and I will serve Him alone forever. There's no space in my heart for any other god. All other gods put together are a bunch of nonsense and my service by God's grace is too pure to be offered up to nonsense. I was redeemed with the blood of Jesus so my service cost the blood of the Greatest One. No other god can afford that. I refuse to multitask my heart for gods!

Join me declare, Jehovah is my God! I am Michael Atansek your Co-Kingdom Labourer Connect @michaelatansek

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Jehovah is My God Michael Atansek

Created 2020-05-20
Changed 2020-05-20
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Created by Frank Apokwueze
Changed by Frank Apokwueze
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You guys are cool, thumbs up to you Frank. Helping out to see that up coming artists are not left behind is one of a kind, a challenge and is quite appreciating.

SON-T da sick mc
Jun 27, 2020