Let Us Be Great by Brymo (Review by Becca Green)

The talented Nigerian singer and songwriter Brymo dishes out this from his Banks of melodies titled "Let Us Be Great”. This song tells a tale of disparity between the old and the youth, the rich and the poor or of the haves and the have nots. Brymo delivers in a melancholic and reflective vocal style, showing range and depth all at once. Of course we know he has a beautiful voice. Let us be Great is a folk tale with rich and engaging meaningful lyrics.


Brymo talks about people having a completely different version of who he is. He says:

Don’t tell me what I am, You see me and you judge me, You underestimate my greatness And speak to me condescendingly The hate in your heart is blatant I see it, I feel it, I hear it You, keep these beliefs near your spirit I understand that’s what you were taught But ya thoughts are irrelevant

Cuz what society defines me as and what I truly am Is completely separate You look at me, and say “appears of average intelligence Skinny beyond belief and too short Looks like a wannabe thug that mugs And is disrespectful and apathetic Puts himself first, and everyone else second, He’s arrogant, and pompous Probably has no conscience” See I get these things daily Just based off of what they see But they don’t know me

So then they hear me speak And they’re like “oh he’s quite eloquent, proper Mannerable, respectful Socially aware Deep rooted in cultures” BUT REALLY I’M NONE OF THAT I could be a blue bird or a vulture Nice and pleasant or vicious Like, when I’m with white women I’m nice and charming So they start swarming and throwing me their garments I articulate everything, enunciate heavily, and tell Them of my dreams to be in the Senate But don’t give me too much credit Because I’m none of those I’m not a proper gentleman that’s classy

And I don’t always choose to be fancy Nor am I a nerd, just because I choose to use certain words But don’t confuse it I am a master of the influence Abusing your views on me, as these words flow as smooth as music But at my truest, I am a black man, athletic, a hip-hop head, with friends who’re dead Ghetto sometimes, committed some crimes, I like kool-aid, watermelon and my chicken fried But that’s not all there is to me.

Nah that’s not all there is to me My step mom’s Hawaiian and my girlfriend’s Mexican My cousins are Puerto Rican and my favorite teacher’s white And I learn different things from them all So my thoughts and beliefs don’t revolve Around what you expect See, I’m into government, I’m a student who’s coveted Helping others, and making people smile all the time And I’m not trying to complain and whine I’m just saying I’m tired of being put in a box DON’T TELL me I can’t do something because of what you see

Don’t let my demographics limit my abilities.

These lyrics are quite few but have an indept meaning. Now, because the rich sees the poor as irrelevant, they actually limit their abilities and the old ones call the young ones what they are not because they think they are actually who they physically appear to be. But it takes the brave and courageous one to put it to these elders that they deserve to be great, are actually great and should be allowed to explore their greatness.

Let me be me Let me be me Cuz one thing I hate Is when you tell me I can’t be great So Let ME BE GREAT LET ME BE GREAT Because my demographics don’t define me or my fate I move at my own pace Just let me be great. Brymo is not a perfect gentleman, he is mostly criticised same way the voiceless ones out there are criticised. So he sings as a voice of the look down upon ones and actually the young ones are not supposed to be misunderstood and looked down upon rather they are supposed to be encouraged and aided to discover the greatness in them and guided towards getting to the peak of it.

let me be great by brymo

Olawale Ashimi (who prefers to be called Olawale Olofo'ro; born 9 May 1986), better known as Brymo, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and composer. He started recording music in 1999 while in secondary school. He signed a record deal with Chocolate City in 2010 but breached his contract with the label in 2013. He does Yoruba music, alt rock, R&B, folk, soul, pop and Afrobeat genres of music simultaneously. Let Me Be Great was directed by Native Maqari and Simon Rouby. The dance was performed by Qudus Onikeku.

His vocals is his major weapon in his music delivery. It's deep and melodious. He is a signed act of Tate Music Group. Brymo has proven he is not an ordinary musician doing regular songs. He reveals he is no longer a hook master. In his words, ''Many people used to refer to me as hook master because I was always featuring on this or that person’s song. I no longer want to be identified as a hook master but Brymo. So, I just took up the challenge and started doing my own songs. I am expecting people to love my songs; more than they love the songs I featured in". Hope his dream is actualised. Brymo is a very creative singer. It has also been revealed that US students study Brymo as a course. Hmmm. That's interesting

Brymo has a hit in this song. People that love cool headed and meaningful songs will appreciate this one from the amazing Brymo. Download and enjoy.

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