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Southern Nigeria is an empty enclave with no gumption, Says Segun Abiodun

Southern Nigeria is an empty enclave with no gumption. Since 1993 till date, I have come to the sad realization that whatever the North rejects or accept goes in the country and the South could only grumble and remain silent afterward.

Tell me just one advocacy or agitation that originated from the South, even at the National Assembly level that was not defeated eventually.

If and when it succeeded, the North would boast that they gave it to us as compensation. 1999 Obasanjo presidency was said to be a form of compensation. They boasted that Jonathan was a mistake. In 2015, by all crooked means the North corrected the mistake of Jonathan.

They have also never stopped boasting that Southeast presidency could materialized only at their behest. What more can I say. The North have always been holding the whole country to ransom because of their connivance with some hungry southern elements who would not mind selling their mother for a cheap pot of soup. If you don't know about these hungry rats, at least check the social media.

You will find some of them there.

They are always there pushing all manners of narratives in favour of the northern oligarchs. Interests that are at variance with that of the generality of Nigeria. Are southern intellectuals the hungriest in this country? Hardly will you find a northern intellectual pushing for southern interests.

Do you know anyone of them on the social media?

Only our southern people does this type of yeoman's job. They are so shameless. No gumption in the south. Maybe this is the reason we never agree on any issue down here. Maybe we are only using our so-called diatribe to cover up for our lack of gumption.

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