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Indecent Dressing Amongs Our Nollywood Celebrities

Our celebrities are supposed to be our role models. Whatever they do is definitely going to be imitated, from the the way they dress to the way they talk.

Indecent dressing simply means deliberate exposure of one’s body to the public.

This practice is contrary to the acceptable norms and values of the African society. An alarming majority of our celebrities believe that exposing vital parts of their body would make them more popular or famous. Indecent dressing stands out as one of the social anomalies which has negatively impacted on the moral consciousness of the youths, and destroyed their sense of moral judgment. Indecent dressing has eaten deep into the fabrics of our decency and it is becoming something of great concern to many societies.

If we must avert this killer- disease, the cure must begin from our homes.

It is sad that many mothers want their children to imitate the western culture and their ways of dressing. The aim of this is to make their children appear in such modernized outlook as what is often seen on the television or in newspapers. In a nation that is endowed with varieties of culture and traditions, it is annoying seeing this culture and traditions going into extinction.

Nigerians find it difficult to dress in their local attire as it is regarded as “old and archaic.” and this trend of not wanting to dress in our own local attire is very common among celebrities, particularly among artistes.

This set of people, while on stage will want to look unique and in the process turn themselves into lunatics. Our celebrities are to blame. They have badly influenced the youths and teenagers. The way they dress have been imitated by their fans. Nowadays, you can’t even get a movie role if you are not the type that dresses indecently. Our movies and music videos are flooded with girls dressed half naked. It now seems as if, if you don’t flaunt it, you won’t be recognized.

This has to stop, else, it only gets worse as children of today only imitate the celebrities, who are supposed to be role models.



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