The Consequences of Class Struggle In Nigeria

Class conflict, frequently referred to as class warfare or class struggle, is the tension or antagonism which exists in society due to competing socio-economic interests, needs, and desires between people of different classes. The history of Nigeria as elsewhere, is marked by numerous struggles, sometimes bloody, in defense of its immediate and historical interests against the sacrifices enforced by the worldwide bourgeoisie.

The struggle among social classes for the control of state power has been the propelling force in the development of many societies. Development here is taken to mean qualitative change in the productive forces and production relations that give rise to the production of more goods, creation of needs and ways of meeting such needs. In the process of production, consumption and distribution of material values in the society, such as food, shelter, clothes etc, and people get polarized into major two contending classes over the ownership and control of the means of production.

On the one hand are those who own and control the means of production who are members of the bourgeois class, while on the other are those who have no means of production who are members of the oppressed/proletarian class. Class struggle in Nigeria is as a result of poverty, unemployment. In a society where the rich exploit the poor in other to get richer. The lower class are given hard labour to do by the rich and are paid meager amounts that they can barely feed on.

In a society where there is class distinction, the lower class have little or no access to education and good health care. They hardly feed and have no shelter. The lower class are often being oppressed and exploited by the upper class.

Class struggle comes with its own consequences.

Class struggle leads to violence, while the poor are treated violently by the rich (both emotional and physical violence) the poor resort to violence to fight back, this leads to unwanted strike, thuggery, armed robbery and could even lead to war. However the consequences of class struggle can be prevented if those who were meant to serve us via the machinery of Government pay more attention to the masses rather than satisfying their personal needs.

The issue of employment should be attended to, as this is a major cause of poverty in our society. Education should be free for all. Everybody wants to be educated but not everybody has the money. The issue of social inequality should be attended to in order not to cause more complications or even war in the society.



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