Things Men Do That Turn Women Off

There are things some men do, on first dates, in meetings, and just about everywhere else, and it does not do you any favours.

So here are the things you, as a man could be doing right now that really turn us women off.

Neediness is dating death:

Don’t rely on her for approval and validation. That’s the surest way to make her run. Show her that you’re a man who can take care of your life. If you’ve just met, don’t “open up” to her with all of your fears and insecurities, She’s not your mom.

Talks too much about himself:

Women win hands down when it comes to being a good listener, though don’t test her patience. Taking too much about yourself all the time, will make her feel unimportant. If she is giving you her undivided attention, make sure you listen to her in return. Hop into the car and don’t bother to unlock her door. This is plain selfish and lazy. Women’s equality may dictate that a man no longer opens a woman’s car door first, but it doesn’t negate manners. Women still like to be treated as if they are special and this little forgetful act can kill the thrill.

He’s got bad breath:

Imagine having a first kiss derailed because of halitosis! Sometimes a guy can’t help it, but there are many products on the market to keep breath fresh. A visit to the dentist may be in order. He boasts about his past affairs. this just makes most women want to get up and leave.

This is beyond rude:

A man who shares his intimate sexual past with a new woman is headed for a very lonely intimate sexual present. He wears dresses that are too tight or too loose.

Bad Pick-Up Lines: A sense of humor can be a great thing— when a guy is actually funny. A good pickup line will leave a woman with a lasting impression. But more often, women are exposed to guys who try so hard that they are female turn-offs. With many women, it is a one-shot deal. Lame pickup lines or bad jokes will erase any opportunity a man may have of getting a date. Other women may let a few bad jokes slide, but when men continue, a woman’s interest tends to diminish.



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