What’s so difficult about Making Money Online?

If you critically ask yourself this one question; “Why am I still battling with making money online?

The reality that sets in is the fact that you are yet to do something right and this simply means you have been doing everything wrong to make money online. It takes just one moment and one time experience to realize what works for you and afterwards, the ability to make money online becomes a normal activity for life. I am not here to beat about the bush, but simply to nudge you towards what may work for you and away from what may not work, different strokes for different folks.

What is likely to work for me is what you may not have a passion for.

I may be good at designing websites to make money online and you may feel it's too much work while being comfortable writing a term paper as a way to make money online. If you have just a website where you sell your e-book and you think that will help you make money online, well for the moment it will yield quite a lot if you are selling the right or the wrong stuff, but in the long run, you are bound to start losing money if what you sell is trash.

What then is trash?

Trash is selling an ebook that teaches "how to make money online" when you are looking forward to making money yourself from the e-book sales and not from the knowledge contained within the ebook you are selling.

If you really want to make money online, you need to work under someone who is making money online and gain the prerequisite skills needed to make money online. I sincerely hope you got the message above. There are skills that will bring you out and to possess these skills you need to study by yourself or take the needed training under someone who is very good at that skill.

Skill Acquisition is the thread mill on which Internet Marketing survives. Without skills or products, no one will make money online and with desirable skills, you can create a sellable product. There are three kinds of people who will never get tired of doing what they do to make money online and they are;

  • 1. Graphic Designers
  • 2. Web Designers/Developers
  • 3. Sales Copy/Content writers

These three sets of people control the world as far as it concerns making money online and they hardly sleep due to the fact that their skills are in hot demand. To be frank, these sets of persons control the Internet without actually having or possessing veto powers to its existence.

I say this boldly because the World WIDE Web is simply made up of websites, images and texts and these sets of people are behind the asembly of images, webpage and content which basically forms a website.

Do you know you Can Earn a Monthly Salary from Google with a Music Website like:

Tooxclusive, Naijaloaded, NairaSounds and a host of them.

The world is gradually moving from the Era of Mechanical to that of extreme entertainment and Information age where people can spend time lazying about in the name of being busy.

Even though, I won't encourage such from my kids, many individuals including my humble self have been caught in the euphoria of chatting, facebooking and music downloads and the problem lies in the fact that there are too many pieces of information concerning a subject on the internet these days and with it, comes more excitement.

We all know that variety breeds excitement.

When you look at the situation from the perspective I just described, it is sad and not progressive, but that is just one side of a two sided coin with one side facing the ground.

The bright side is that people, normal individuals like you and I, are responsible for the loads of entertainment articles and uploaded musical content that has kept us so so "BUSY" and these guys are not joking since their activities enable them to pull out as much as $100 monthly from Google via Advertising.

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