Davido Bought A Porsch For Chioma

Davido and the Porsche Brouhaha

Davido may not have deliberately set out to make Sophia Momodu a laughing stock in the scheme of things but his actions has done the same damage within the last 96 hours to the point that she had to delete her Instagram page.

Guess what?

She said her Instagram account was hacked and seriously, I believe this is true to the extent that someone will deliberately seek to hack into her account at this particular time when it is just so clear that the frenzy from fans on her IG page due to Davido's actions must have gotten to her emotionally.

I have been saying Davido's actions and I will repeat, Davido's recent actions because I don't want to believe that another woman caused all these brouhaha.


Men and beautiful things, Did Davido buy a Porsche for a lady?

I think so, I saw it on the news and I also saw pics on Facebook.

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Even after Sophia's friend, Adunola tried to raise objections with posted pic that the Porsche was not fully paid for, the car dealer boldly came to Davido's rescue that the car was paid for in full.

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So at least we can all agree on three things here:

  • 1. Davido bought a Porsche
  • 2. He bought the Porsche for a lady
  • 3. Sophia Momodu was not the lady

Who then is this Lady?

Information reaching me states that Davido remarked about the lady's cooking skill.


This raises a lot of questions for me, one of which is:

Is Davido trying to say that Sophia Momodu cannot Cook appetising meals or perhaps can't adequately make use of the kitchen?

I wonder which is the case, but before I say things I don't mean and mean things I don't intend to say, let me drop my pen here.

But I still need to know the name of the other woman that made me pick up my pen to drop this for you all. If not for nothing, at least a chef of her calibre would have a younger sister that also knows how to cook and........
I just don't have a Porsche to donate lol.



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