What is the significance of Westernized or Arabian Education to Nigerians?

Truth be told, it appears to have robbed us of our humanity in no small measure. It appears not to have brought us anywhere near those we copied from. It is like to us western education is more like a weapon of oppression and class division rather than a means to evolve positively and fine tune our own culture and spirituality. As you can see, even respect for human dignity is perhaps dead and buried in our midst.

With all our Western and Arabized education, we remain more confused than our forebears. Leadership has turned out to be more brutal, oppressive and lacking in empathy. Leadership is wicked here. Our forebears were not this wicked. Trust and corporation to pursue common goals no longer exist here. Community has fallen apart completely. Unbridle self interest is the new. god here. We have learnt so many "Thou Shall Not" from the East and West yet we have become more depraved than our forebears.

So you see, we have only copied the chaffs without the substance. Not only that, we have also thrown away whatever remains of the substance of our own culture and spirituality. This is the more reason why I don't so much get carried away whenever our cultural attires attract admirations from the West. I believe the West are merely patronising us whenever they show their admirations for our cultural attires.

They are good in helping us in amplifying the chaffs while downplaying the substance. For example, the West would have been more concerned about getting their national football team well prepared to win the World Cup rather than soaking up admirations for jerseys and some physical cultural relics. The chaff and the substance.

It is obvious that we are well placed to become the greatest nation on earth if the substance of our cultural and spirituality is anything to go by. Just like the Asians have thrown away their own chaffs, we can as well do same here by throwing away our own chaffs, and going further to marry our own cultural substance with that of the West.

Our growth would be phenomenal no doubt. Cultural adornments are essentially not cultural when you really dig down deep. It is not static. This is why the Asians have to a great extent thrown overboard their cumbersome Kimonos and Jades to embrace the Western trends which are in tandem with the modern way of doing economic war.

Half of a battle is almost won by a well kitted army, otherwise our military should also be dressed in our cultural war outfits since we believe that culture is more about physical adornments. The day we begin to emphasize that our culture and spirituality is more about our positive inmate values than our agbada, ishiagwu or babanriga would be the kick off of our emancipation. This would also mark the beginning of our true education.



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