The Lion of Delta State


The Road was rugged but you rose from the ruggedness and became the Roadmaster. Your wards can attest to this claim of mine if they be true and just in judging your exploits.

The situation was dicey but you are not just the man with nine (9) lives but one who does what he says (Ekwueme) and as a result men gave their all to deliver you from the perils of Federal Injustice.

The process was fierce, but since you became the lion of our time, fierceness has always been a second skin. Where others cower in cowardice, you emerge as an ironclad Lion.

The Streets are agog with the news of your victory because there was no other fit enough to steal your glory, your shine, pulled through the blanket of doubts and the likely injustice that Ekiti once faced and pierced through it like raindrops on a stormy day.

Do they call you Ekwueme for nothing?

You will remain on the Governorship throne till 2023 and proceed to a higher calling, for in you our utmost trust will repose, as clear as still waters on a sunny day, you have shown and proved to Deltans that you are the Governor of the poor and the rich.

Reign On, Reign On, My Governor, His Excellency, Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa.Poetry For Okowa



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