Naija Sounds Golden Profile Music Promotion

Experience Unlimited Music Promotion with a Naija Sounds Artist Profile Contract.

Don't struggle to Promote your Songs and Videos Anymore, Naija Sounds is here for you. We can help you trend your song on Naija Sounds. To be guaranteed unlimited music uploads and promotion which guarantees;

Promotion of your previous songs (old releases);

Promotion of your present song (new release), and;

Promotion of your future songs (future releases)

On our platform, you will need to be registered with us as an Artist. We have looked around and discovered that to effectively provide an all round music promotion project to upcoming acts, we need to offer a music promotion package that is;

Budget friendly
All Progressive
Lifetime Secure
Our Artist Profile Contract is budget friendly, you pay once to Promote all your Songs with Us:
 Previous songs;
Present songs; and
Future songs
Our Artist Profile Contract is all progressive, it comes with other benefits like;
  • Speedy Enrolment into Royalty Programs, So You can Sell Your Songs to earn Royalties;
  • Showcasing Our Artists to the World via our Profile Pages: See Our Artists Page;
  • We will Help you Get Your Songs on Radio;
  • Quarterly Featuring of Artists songs in our Mixtapes that are gradually going viral, (Maiden Edition: January, 18th, 2021);


Lifetime Security

Your decision to Promote on other Music Platforms will always be by choice, this is because, your registration for our Golden Profile Music Promotion is a Lifetime Secure & Validly Binding Contract that guarantees unlimited music uploads and promotion with us.
We will never ask for another payment after you enrol. To become a duly registered Naija Sounds Artist;
Call/WhatsApp: 08067004239