Naija Sounds' Mixtape (Vol.1). Release Date: 18th, January, 2021

As a movement, we have been around for over a decade, but as a company (Naija Sounds), this is our fourth year running and we are waxing stronger. We would have been able to release our first ever mixtape before now, but we had to wait till this very minute to ensure that we ready to sustain this kind of project till its expected end.

For me personally, Naija Sounds has been a journey of gaining useful experience, it has been road that keeps springing up challenges that could always makes us better at what we do or possibly marr our efforts but the good news is that, we are still here, and that means, no losses were experienced, we only gained more experience along the way.


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Yes, we are officially releasing our first ever mixtape on the 18th of January, 2021. It is going to be the hottest showdown ever because it will be a mix of amazing activities for both artists and fans of artists.

Yes, we have something to offer our fans, we would want both our fans and fans of artists to help us decide who sings better by choosing the best song in our tracklist, based on; Melody, Rhythm & Lyrical Composition. Our judges will be watching and so the first 5 objective winners would go home with a wining prize (prize will be disclosed later).

Right now, Naija Sounds, is a Music Promotion Company, that gives her duly registered artist all the weapons in its arsenal and what this means is that we give first priority to our Primary & Faithful artists. Yes, you can promote your songs on our Platform, but promotion alone will not afford you the privileges that are accessible to duly registered artists of Naija Sounds. You must be a duly registered artist to be featured on our Quarterly Mixtapes and Soon to commence Radio Shows. Registration is once and for all. For more information on how to become a Duly Registered Naija Sounds Artist, kindly, read this post: Naija Sounds Golden Profile Music Promotion

To be featured in our next Mixtape (Naija Sounds' Mixtape Volume 2), which will be coming up on the 25th of April, 2021, please, do the needful. Your song may be on our platform, but it will never qualify till you become a member of Naija Sounds' Group of Artists.

For further enquiries Call/Whatsapp: 08141642750.

Naija Sounds Mixtape Volume One