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Overcoming Trials And Temptations

Imparting knowledge is as simple and as difficult as receiving knowledge and it takes a sound and trained mind to do both. Most of us go through difficult and trying circumstances on a daily basis and still, we are yet to realize that these trials we overcome are the bedrocks upon which we can realize our Holy Grail.


Living life is not a complex phenomenon; it is about enjoying every passing moment by being in control from the moment you attain self realization, without which, no one can truly attain the full height of one’s potential. We often hear the word potential and we take it for granted, in a layman’s words, one’s potential is one’s will power to achieve anything, and it comes from one’s total believe in the power that is within us, for it is written in the scriptures that;

“Ye are gods”

Yes of course, we are little gods made in the image and likeness of our Heavenly Father who art in Heaven, and if we be little gods, what can we not achieve if we put our trust totally in our creator?

Many have tried to live that perfect life, but how can they achieve such a feat alone without being connected with our heavenly Father in Holy Communion, for if we must be holy and live successful lives; we must come to Him (Jesus Christ of Nazareth), for it is not we that live but Christ who lives in us.

I always get scared when I hear of dastardly acts carried out by supposed children of God and I wonder why the world is turning deaf to the one crying in the wilderness saying, make ye straight the way of the Lord. Why are we so bent on fighting God’s battle when the only instruction the Lord gave us, was to obey, and his promises for us will be fulfilled.

Many known preachers I see on Television, now spread lies that one can live a completely successful life without suffering, here on earth, claiming that Christ has died and suffered for everyone when he was crucified on the Cross of Cavalry.

This is a lie straight from the pits of hell, if we were not meant to face trials and persecutions here on earth; it means earth would have been our final destination. As Christians the bible has made us to understand that we have a final place of abode in heaven, and this view was expressly confirmed by Jesus Christ Himself when HE said; I am going to prepare a place for you, for in my Fathers house, there are many mansions, if it were not so, I would not have told you.

Making heaven is a race, and sincerely one’s prize comes at the end of every competition and not before, if this be the case, it therefore means that we have to win the race of salvaging our souls from the pits of hell by overcoming trials and tribulations from the church and unbelievers.

Overcoming trials and persecutions has to do with not giving in to the lust of the flesh which is all about taking a firm decision to deliberately denial all forms of worldly pleasures that come between us and the kingdom of our Father (God Almighty).