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How to Transform from An Upcoming Musician Into A Star Artist

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2 weeks 2 days ago - 2 weeks 2 days ago #127 by fastclick
As an upcoming artist, the issue with success has nothing to do with your work but largely about you. There are many talented works out there that are far better than that of your regular stars but no one knows about them yet, you only discover such works and marvel. Your marveling most of the time is based on that one question;


This should tell you one thing, that it is really not about your work but about your personality, and you can sell that personality through your work to be known faster. Yes the world knows about the best and the best is no longer good enough, the best can never make you laugh, scream or get you what you deserve, but an exceptional work can get you more than you deserve because it is worth selling and more often than not, those who are exceptional in their craft are not often aware of it.

The ones who are usually hungry for the idea that they can market their craft are often the ones who are not good enough for the market but good enough to be applauded.

To be continued after I get two or more comments or questions. The class has just begun.
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