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Amaka by 2Baba and Peruzzi (Review by Becca Green)

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The legendary 2baba is at it again with another good tune. It's amazing how this guy tries to impress his fans and get them glued to their seats watching and hearing his tunes.

The video quality is standard, love the rainbow outlook, the colours on feel is appealing. Love the shooting scenes, it's perfect for the song. The introduction is something unique too. However, I think the first array of girls were irresponsibly dressed, it should not have been.

Seriously, Nigerian artiste need to reduce the rate of indecent dressing of female models in their videos. It's a party concept, the second phase of girls was better with the sense of it. The girls are pretty though.

The video is fun, action filled, love the drama. The guys are decently dressed, 2baba is just a simple guy with class. Peruzzi is also a soft dude, nice dress sense, good lyricist with a beautiful voice.

This is true confession (laughing). 2baba says: "I like woman, I dey straight forward".(Are u thinking what am thinking?).

Is his first lady OK with that? I hope so but meanwhile the guy is being realistic, he came out in the open. Of course, or is it not normal for a guy to like a woman? (Na you sabi, I no talk o). Am sure 2baba would not want to go to hell again for this his comment. Anyway, I trust his first lady, she is calm and understands. But wait, Imagine if Peruzzi had said 'I know 2face, him too like woman (I rest my case). I like the idea of 2baba an Igbo guy singing with an Akwaibom dialect, it shows unity of all tribes, to me that goes a long way to show 2baba's acomodating and peaceful personality.

Hahaha 2face I am begging 2Baba, no loose weight pass like this o for Amaka,she no be first lady. (The pidgin language ) vernacular is also appreciated so anyone that hears the song will get the message. The idea behind the song is: A girl probably a friend invited to a party by 2baba and she promised she would show up but kept on delaying.

Girls come on! You will not know when you Will miss your blessings. Learn! (If you know, you know). The party continued, before She arrived but after the whole groove.

It's amazing how people like 2baba and Peruzzi could transform such a story to a beautiful sound that soothes the ear and calms the soul. With this tune, Its Thank God Is Friday! (TGIF)

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2Baba ft Perruzi Amaka Picture Artwork

Date 2018-07-08
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