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The shortest, surest path to wealth is the strategic path. What do I mean by “strategic path”? In this lesson you will learn how to take it one step further by identifying the critical factors to success and limiting factors that hold you back.

10 Tips To Save Money Monthly

I used to be pampered and had everything within my reach until the unexpected happened and I found myself living in a N200,000.00 per year apartment and had only a steady income of N18,000.00. When I saw myself in this situation, I had only two choices before me:

  • One was to strive to keep living in the said apartment by finding other things to supplement my existing income.

Alcohol Is Dangerous

Yes, many will say; a little alcohol is good for the body and the reason they say this, is so you can limit the intake of sugar with the intake of alcohol from time to time, which to me is like taking pain relievers to treat malaria.

Your Business Online

So, where are you now in business?

There is a starting point, a work in progress stage and a finish line, so, at what stage or point of business development would you say that you are in now? Starting a business is not the most tedious activity, neither is it the most pleasant, it is simply a choice you have to make to become successful and whether or not you will agree, not starting out at all is more expensive than starting out in business.


Technology has found its way into every corner of the world, from cell phones to computers to television. It has even crossed the divide between rich and poor, and has become a part of life for many. The pervasiveness of technology is perhaps most apparent in the proliferation of cell phones, many of which are no longer just phones.