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Naira Marley Soapy

Naira Marley drops controversial ‘Soapy’ video

The controversial Nigerian singer, Azeez Fashola (popularly known as Naira Marley), has dropped the video of his song, ‘Soapy’ which has sighted lots of controversies. In the video,Naira Marley featured his pals, Rahman Jago, Zlatan and Guccy Branch. It was a 2:55 minute video, and was set in the confines of a prison. In the video, the singers acted out their viral experience when they were detained by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission in May.

‘Soapy’ is a juvenile song and dance move especially loved by youngstars about masturbation which also calls for the act to be demonstrated in public. The Soapy track has received widespread criticism on social media since its release in June. Fans has been critical of the express content of the track which praises vulgar sexual acts more like 'One corner song'. However other fans identified with the song and are loving the dance moves.

The song which was mostly done in Yoruba dialect cannot be excluded from the list of club bangers these days and every stereo is jamming the vibe. For instance, Popular Nigerian dancer, Kaffy Ameh, severely criticized the singer for releasing the vexed song shortly after his release from prison.

She said:

“I am sorry; I can’t take this. In the history of Nigerian dance, I have never seen a more disgusting, immoral dance like the so-called Soapy. It should never be encouraged. I am really disappointed.

As dancers, we should speak for what is right. We shouldn’t encourage this for the sake of trending especially when it is not even censored from kids. It is even offensive to an adult.” Another celebrity singer, Lamboginny, also striked hard on Naira Marley for introducing a dance style that denotes the act of masturbation after his release from prison. The singer ignored these critics, saying he picked up the ‘Soapy’ dance while in EFCC custody and besides despite all these slams, the 30-year-old singer enjoys an impressive and lively music career and has even been given a role in a new Nollywood debut movie titled: ‘The Enemy I know’.

Nonso Asobe, also known as Donflexx, has also criticised lightly, Naira Marley for the new dance. In an interview with Saturday PUNCH, Donflexx described Naira Marley’s ‘Soapy’ dance as promoting immoral act. He said, “The ‘Soapy’ dance wasn’t created by any professional dancer; there are loads of trending dances that have been created by professionals. It was created by an artiste that is trending at the moment. Many people love him and his music as a brand; what I don’t appreciate is the signature dance which looks like a man masturbating in public.

It is not presentable, it is disgusting. I don’t support that because it would have a negative influence on the younger generation. People who are not professional dancers may see the dance as fun but basically, it is not something to condone or accept in the dance world. If we (dancers) don’t talk about it, people would just assume it is part of our dance style which may affect our image as pioneer dancers. It may affect the image of our profession. There is nothing creative about the dance; I don’t support it because I can’t find myself doing such a thing; it is obscene and disgusting.

I wouldn’t even see that as a dance. I am not criticising the artiste or his music, but the dance itself; it shouldn’t even trend. Unfortunately, it is becoming a trend, but it shouldn’t even trend in the first place. As the song is trending, people should be aware that the dance is disgusting, even though, we are not discriminating against the song.” He went further to say: “I want to inform people about fun/sex appeal dance; it is popularly known among adults.

Twerking is a fun/sex appeal dance. People go for training to acquire the twerking skill; it is not disgusting to the eyes. The ‘Butterfly’ dance is also a sex appeal dance. Even if you come on stage to present it, people would find it interesting to watch. Compare that with ‘Soapy’, which no one would find interesting to watch on stage; viewers would be disgusted. Even the ‘One Corner’ dance wasn’t created in Nigeria; it is an African dance that was created in another country and it only became a trend in Nigeria.

Even artistes get beautiful models to create that sex appeal effect in their music videos. ‘Soapy’ appears gross,” . However, it appears OBO Davido is one of those that care less about what people think of the Soapy dance. He recently shared a video in which he was seen making moves as the song played in the background.