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Marriage does not elevate the value of a woman - Simi

Simi expressed her opinion about respect and special preference for married women. She tackled popular defence lines of "how can you talk to a married woman like that, You can't do that to her. Do you know she's married?".

She noted that many use such in defending women, the singer stated that marriage does not elevate the value of a woman and women should be respected regardless of their marital status. Simi also pointed out that such questions implies that disrespecting single women is excusable and normal.

Here is her tweet: 

Hate when people defend women with "how can you talk to a married woman like that?" "You can't do that to her. Do you know she's married?" I know u mean well, but you're implying that disrespecting single women is excusable. We gotta change that. Marriage does not elevate the value of a woman. Every woman, regardless of status, must be treated respectfully. Some married women also need to erase this idea that they're more special. You're really not sis. Your special is in the good that you do and the value you add".

Many reactions has accompanied this tweet but we should not forget it is actually,her personal individual opinion. Some have called it a senseless talk while some have called it a meaningful and wise talk. Many loyal Simi fans especially females applaud her feminity also. In Nigeria, marriage is an elevated and respected position. Married women especially are given more respect and honour even more than married men.

Well, because, somehow, people think it takes guts to marry or be married to someone. Marriage is also respected because, in most communities and in most cases, some positions are restricted for only married women because they are seen as more responsible, mature and wise to occupy such a position. Parents also value marriage for their daughters more than their sons and we notice that once their daughters or daughter is not married yet at certain age, it becomes a matter of concern. Married women also cannot be subjected to abuse publicly (it's very rare) except by their partners. Married women cannot be mistook for slots except in obvious cases because it's a pure entity that its bond gives one the support to defeat temptation by engaging in deep, satisfying love a love that gives to, and receives from, our mate physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Simisola "Simi" Ogunleye (born April 19, 1988) is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. Apart from being a singer and songwriter, Simi is also a sound engineer. She is credited with mixing and mastering Adekunle Gold's debut studio album Gold, which was released in July 2016. Her music style is basically hinged in the rhythm and blues, soul and hip-hop music genres. Simi married singer Adekunle Gold in a private wedding ceremony on January 9, 2019. It was later revealed that they had been dating for five years. Above all thoughts, Women should be treated equally without discrepancy as to being married or not.

Women are created to be fragile and weaker than men so they should be treated with care both in words and in action. As you know, we are more emotional than men and such abuses mean a lot and does lot of hurt to us. Women also should on the other hand, put up characters that would convey respect to them,whether married or unmarried. This can even contribute to them getting United with a caring and responsible partner in marriage. Finally, our dear Simi is making a point, depending on the angle one looks at it and whatever it is she said, it Should be carefully bisected positively and acted upon.