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Download MP4 & MP3: Domestic Violence - Magnito Ft. Larry Gaaga

Magnito & Larry Gaaga thrills us with a new audio ‘Domestic Violence‘. This record talks about domestic violence, guys that beat up ladies and husbands that turns their wives to slave and punching bags at home. Straight out, Magnito shares his opinion about the whole issue in a what seem to be an interview section, and implores men to try tolerate women's troublesome nature.

Magnito whose full names are Mohammed Usman Adamu, musically known as magnito, hails from Idoma area of Benue state and had primary and secondary education in Abuja. Magnito started rapping at the age of 18 and made it a profession after graduating with honours in business management from the university of Jos in 2007.

He has so far recorded over 80 songs from which 14 will be picked for his debut album title "SHOCKING NEWS". Magnito first video "WAKA" was shot in Johanesborg South Africa and it enjoyed massive airplay on African and European charts. His second video "MEDICINE GIRL" is a smash hit that has enjoyed impressive reviews.

He has performed in different major shows around the world and currently touring Nigerian universities promoting his EP singles  "MEDICINE GIRL" "SKINNY JEANS" and "AYE MI", all produced by super beatmaker, "TY MIX". He has since recorded songs with acts like GOLDIE, FEMI, JAYWON, S SOLER etc. Ladies and gentlemen, hiphop rap music in Naija has never been well expressed than in MAGNITO's lyrics.

Date 2019-07-24
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He is presently signed via partnership on international label, DEKLIENTEL MUSIC and managed by TEEJAYSSTAR BILLION PR. Domestic violence (also named domestic abuse or family violence) is violence or other abuse by one person against another in a domestic setting, such as in marriage or cohabitation. It may be termed intimate partner violence when committed by a spouse or partner in an intimate relationship against the other spouse or partner and can take place in heterosexual or same-sex relationships or between former spouses or partners.

Domestic violence can also involve violence against children, parents, or the elderly. It takes a number of forms, including physical, verbal, emotional, economic, religious, reproductive, and sexual abuse, which can range from subtle, coercive forms to marital rape and to violent physical abuse such as choking, beating, female genital mutilation, and acid throwing that results in disfigurement or death. Domestic murders include stoning, bride burning, honor killings, and dowry deaths.

As a result of abuse, victims may experience physical disabilities, dysregulated aggression, chronic health problems, mental illness, limited finances, and poor ability to create healthy relationships. Victims may experience severe psychological disorders, such as post-traumatic stress disorder. Children who live in a household with violence often show psychological problems from an early age, such as avoidance, hypervigilance to threats, and dysregulated aggression which may contribute to vicarious traumatization.

Date 2019-07-24
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