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Daddy Freeze calls out Mountain of Fire Ministries over alleged Antichrist doctrine

Daddy Freeze has called out the Mountain of Fire Minstries' authorities, over its doctrine he described as Antichrist-like.  The Free The Sheeple leader alleged that the act of praying for a member's enemies to die is an Antichrist doctrine, as Jesus Christ instructed Christians to pray for their enemies to prosper and even lend them money whenever they need it. 

 He wrote; 

Dear MFM, Kindly consider the following scriptures before your next prayer session. Please if you pray for your member’s enemies to die, STOP IT! Instead, teach your congregation to pray for their enemies to prosper and encourage them to lend their enemies money whenever they need it, expecting nothing in return, as Christ instructed us to. Anything outside this is an Antichrist doctrine!

Ifedayo Olarinde popularly called Daddy Freeze is a Nigerian radio host and presenter. He was born in Cluj Napoca, Romania to a Nigerian father and a Romanian European mother, Smaranda Olarinde. He attended the International School Ibadan. He also earned a degree in Sociology from the University of Ibadan. Today, Daddy Freeze is the convenor of the Free The Sheep movement and leader of the Free Nation in Christ virtual Church. Ifedayo started his radio career in 1996 with the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State (BCOS), Ibadan and joined Cool FM in 2001 working in radio presenting, television and general entertainment.

He is a senior broadcaster at Cool FM Lagos. He won the favorite Nigerian OAP at the 2014 Nickeledeon kids award. Daddy Freeze has been an outspoken critic of the doctrine of tithing prevalent amongst several Nigerian Churches and as a result have been a subject of numerous backlashes both from Clergy and laity. He recently (on 1st May 2019) interviewed Tonto Dikeh, the popular Nigerian actress about her broken marriage. He played "the devil's advocate" (in his own words) by asking the difficult questions while the actress answered, exposing long held secrets about her ex-husband's family. 

"When I am on air, I say things as they are. If I don’t like a policy, I will say it, if I don’t like a certain song, I will say it without caring about whose ox is gored."-He said Daddy Freeze is known for his critics and at one time, he had this to say "I am a journalist, so I have to report it the way it is. I am an on air personality and as long as the personality is included, then it means I feel things personally and it might be a national issue that affects people in a certain way, but affects me in another way.

I am still going to give you my personal view on it, which a lot of people don’t like". Mountain Of Fire And Miracles Ministries was founded by Daniel Kolawole Olukoya at a prayer meeting in 1989 in his living room. The prayer group purchased a large site at an abandoned slum near the University of Lagos and converted it into the international Headquarters of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries of which Olukoya is the General Overseer. The first service there was on April 24, 1994. At the new location, worshippers and those seeking help kept coming leading to a very large congregation. This situation posed a challenge of crowd, growth and expansion management to the leadership of the church.

Thus, MFM created a network of branches in every state capital, local government headquarters, senatorial district and locality.In Enugu, MFM's worship centre was judged to have been constructed illegally, and despite its popularity it was demolished in 2013 by the state government. According to the group's literature, it is committed to "the Revival of Apostolic Signs, Holy Ghost fireworks and the unlimited demonstration of the power of God to deliver to the uttermost".

As the name would imply, the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries places a great emphasis on wonders, miracles and other Apostolic acts. Well, everything about the mountain of fire ministries is centered mostly on prayers and it is a die by fire type of prayer but let me ask Daddy Freeze a question,'

Have you never asked or prayed that your enemy die"?

if you have, then why condemn the Mountain of Fire prayer style and besides God has instructed that we judge no one.