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COZA: Busola Dakolo Vs Biodun Fatoyinbo

biodun fatoyinbo Busola Dakolo

The Commonwealth of Zion Assembly COZA is one of the most talked about churches in Nigeria.It has been hit with much scandals and stories about the founder's lifestyle calling it 'lavish lifestyle'. Yet it has managed not to lose it's glow rather it has over time, grown into a maga church with a huge Assembly and followers. Thus it is important to share some interesting things about this fascinating place of worship. COZA of today had a humble beginning. It started small in Kwara State in 1999.

It has since then, grown to over 20,000 members at the various branches and attracted a growing number of online followers.COZA has just five branches in Ilorin, Port Harcourt, Dubai, Abuja.It is headed by 4 full time pastors: Rev.Biodun Fatoyinbo heading Abuja branch with his wife Pastor Modele Fatoyinbo popularly called Mummy D, Pastor Folarin 'Flow' Ogunsola heading Lagos branch, Pastor Soetan heading pH branch, Pastor Kenneth Habuhrajan heading Ilorin branch.

Youths so love this church, it is fondly called the perfect place for youth. "The church understands the need for members to be able to have fun in church so they don't get bored and turn to secular forms of entertainment.The music played in COZA and general ambience is an evidence".(A source) Also, another reason COZA is the perfect place for youths is the dress sense. "COZA members are known to dress very well both in church and outside church because they believe that while God looks at the heart,men look at the outmost appearance to judge "(A source).

The sermon and messages preached in COZA are not high sounding sermons that confuse the hearers instead,they are filled with practical keys that can be used to better life.Most people say that the sermons are good for motivational quotes. COZA's motto is the Wealthy Place. It is more than a church, it is a lifestyle. (A source). With all the nice history of COZA church, its difficult to imagine or believe that it could be associated in a rape scandal.

However, the rape allegation by Mrs Bisola Dakolo has taken over the media. The mother of 3 and wife of Timi Dakolo a music star, has revealed that COZA Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo forced his way into her as in raped her in her teenage days. I wonder still, why this revelation is made now and why not as soon as it happened. Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo has denied the allegation and has announced, following Busola's protest for him to step down the pulpit, his stepping down from office in the church as senior pastor of COZA, because of the rape allegation.

He however ordered his lawyers to institute both criminal and civil case suits against Busola. Meanwhile, the wife of the senior pastor of COZA, has stood by her husband in this trying time and prayed that God will give her husband the grace to know what to do amidst the rape scandal. Though her husband admitted that Busola attended the same church with his family.