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UJIRO - Eto Keno & Marvel Joks

Eto Keno (Eto-K) is a Gospel music Artist, Producer, songwriter, music teacher for well over 28years. He is from the Isoko speaking nation in delta state, Nigeria; with popular songs like Ogba Oride (Mighty Warrior), Ado (Well done) amongst others. UJIRO (Praise) is a gospel contemporary worship song written by Eto-K & MARVEL JOKS; it is a song in reverence to God remembering the unquantifiable Grace God has for us. Truly, the Father’s Grace is enough. The song is produced by Eto-K and featuring Marvel Joks.

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Ujiro Eto Keno

Date 2020-02-13
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Lyrics by of UJIRO - Eto Keno & Marvel Joks



 Ujiro ut’ ode ra (Praise to your name)

Jehovah Quanna, the Jealous God

Aruoriwo r’ Ose (Your grace Father), Ote k’ ome (Is enough for me)           x2


Oletu Oride (Greatest Captian)

Egba kpobi or’ obo ra yo (All might is in Your hands)

Olori O iye (Lord yea)

Ifou gb’ ebade (Storms and Seas)

Ire you emera yo (They hear Your word)

Okpako r’ anwae (Ancient of Days)

Oghene av’ ona yo (Detailed/Meticulous God)

Ogba Oride (Greatest Warrior)

Onobete (The one that cannot be bad mouthed)

Afure (Purest)

Elo isi ohiohie (Bright and morning star)

On’ eware kpobi erobo ra (The One who has everything in Your hands)

Aruoriwo r’ Ose (Your grace Father)

Ote k’ ome (Is enough for me)

Aruoriwo r’ Ose me na(The grace of my Father)

Ote k’ ome (Is enough for me)

Ovie me na (My King)


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