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Ginger me is a song that shows that bad boy commando can also for in love and it was further proven in the video of the song, as directed by AUXstudio, Rema in the video was found doing lovey lovey with a beautiful girl, and it is a beautiful thing to watch because it might ginger you to fall in love too.
Rema was sitting on a lone couch, banging the song with a headphone, singing and confessing his feelings for the girl. The girl finally came around and they had some great moments of cuddling and vibing which will stay as a lovely memory. You know the feeling you get when you meet someone and everything just seems right, and it looks like you have been with a lady before.  You can go to any length to impress and to let her know she is the one you want to be with. The kind of Love that Gingers you and gives you so much energy to ride and die for it, that is the kind of Love Rema is describing here. The color grading, saturation and different camera angle made the simple video more interesting, good job from AUX studio. Stream and Share Song Below.

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