Producer O'Fresh Speaks His Mind About SARS

Given recent happenings on the END SARS Protest, alot of Us from the South South region of Nigeria are starting to take our stand over this security representatives who have gone roque with the powers that they hold.

Yes, it is true that SARS are more or less equated to the likes of SWATS or the FBI in other Climes, but recent events within our country Nigeria has made us to realise that we could be better off without the likes of SARS to dehumanize and extort hard earned funds from fellow Nigerians in the guise of labelling every youth that they come across as criminals, especially when they drive past in expensive cars or are in possession of expensive phones and laptops. 

And I just want to ask, don't we have computer scientists and engineers in this country anymore who have the liberty to carry laptops and hitech phones based on their field of play or profession?

The president should adhere to the peoples voice and end SARS first.

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