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Bolanle in her new released Track titled "Gbohunmi" she talks about the story in the holy book (Luke 15). Just like sheep sometimes we go astray, thinking we could get a better life and receive more love where we decide to move to, not knowing there is no greater love than the one we have in Christ, Gbohunmi means hear my Voice. 

Sometimes we are lost and it seems like the Lord cannot hear us when we call, yes he can, our sins has made a barrier before him, we find solace in the world instead of taking refuge in the Almighty God.  When things aren't working and upside down, we are quick to seek solution somewhere else, just like the prodigal son we want to move away from the father so we can figure out things ourselves. Bolanle have a news for us, there is no solution else where,, we are to tarry in the place of prayer till he answers us. Some people in the process of trying to figure things out themselve have backslided and when they are stranded, they run back to their fathher, at the moment I pray that the lord GBOHUNMI (Listen to my Cry) Stream, Share and Download Song Below;

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