CoallyBerry – Ballance || Watch Video

Bugatti Records presents “Ballance” by CoallyBerry, Ballance in this song talkS about your account ballance, whether the devil likes it or not, your account balance have to increase, you have toiled all night and hustle all day and you deserve to be rewarded, pray to God Almighty to make your effort not be in vain, to crown all that you do with great success and make your account BALANCE blow.

The hand that worketh is not supposed to be hungry, you are not supposed to be working while Bamboo do the eating, those that have put so much effort and hustle so tightly are not supposed to be the ones grumbling about lack.Mama stays awake all night to pray to the Almighty just for you to succeed in all. Baba God must answer your prayer and bless all that you do.

CoallyBerry shows appreciation to all his fans, who has been supporting him, even though he is not yet there but their support give him inspiration, special thanks to his Mother who never stop praying and pray that the Almighty God BALLANCE him. Ballance is M&M by GC POINT with a video directed by Mic Davis