The Professor – Somebody || Watch Video

In Celebration of Nigeria's 60th independence anniversary, Chief Fruitful Mekwunye, also known as The Professor release his afrobeat song titled Somebody. Talking about different occupation that are been looked down on in the society, Agbero, Truck pusher, Taxi Driver, Danfo Driver, all of these workers are SOMEBODY, it is the situation of the country that made them what they are and should be accorded a level of respect because they are also contributing their own quota to the success of the country, Nigeria. 

Condition they say is what makes crayfish bend, there is no employment in the country, no electricity, the economy is bad, the people wants education but the educational system has deteriotated, these ones has made something out of nothing, they sure deserve an accolade.

Talking about Nigeria, Terrorism, Kidnapping, Arm banditry, herdsmen, Boko Haram, all of these are increasing at an alarming rate and our leaders are to be questioned and held responsible and not all these SOMBODY, who are only trying their best to survive, its Nigeria's 60th anniversary and we are part of the country with the highest number of poor people, what then are we celebrating? Great music video shot by Unlimited LA and produced by Woke Production. Stream, Share & Download song below.