Toya Eze by Tim Godfrey feat. Israel Houghton


“Toya Eze” is a powerful gospel song by Tim Godfrey featuring Israel Houghton, released on February 14, 2020, as part of the album “Fearless Wrshp.” This song is an exuberant expression of praise, celebrating the miraculous works and attributes of God. The lyrics are primarily in English and Igbo, highlighting God’s greatness and reliability through various divine titles and miraculous deeds.
Key Themes:


The song references several miracles, such as making the blind see, raising the dead, and walking on water, illustrating God’s power and faithfulness.
Divine Titles:
Agu ne chemba one: This Igbo phrase means “The one who watches over the city,” signifying God’s protective nature.
Ebube dike: Meaning “Strong and powerful God,” this highlights God’s strength.
Ekwueme: Translating to “The one who says and does it,” this emphasizes God’s trustworthiness.

Personal Relationship:

The repeated phrase “Idi ro bi mu mma” translates to “You are good to my heart,” showcasing a personal connection and gratitude towards God.
Faith and Trust: The song encourages believers to trust in God’s unchanging power, reassured that He can perform miracles today just as He did in the past.


  • Tim Godfrey: A prominent figure in the Nigerian gospel music scene, known for his dynamic stage presence and impactful songwriting. His work often bridges traditional African gospel with contemporary worship styles.
  • Israel Houghton: An internationally acclaimed gospel artist, recognized for his cross-cultural worship style and powerful vocals. His involvement in “Toya Eze” adds a global appeal and depth to the song.

Impact and Reception:

“Toya Eze” has been widely embraced by the gospel music community for its heartfelt worship and inspiring message. It has become a favorite in churches and at gospel concerts, encouraging congregations to engage in spirited and heartfelt praise. The song’s message of trust and faith in God’s unchanging power resonates deeply with listeners, providing comfort and encouragement in various life situations.

The song’s powerful combination of lyrical depth, energetic music, and the collaboration of two influential gospel artists makes “Toya Eze” a significant contribution to contemporary worship music. It continues to inspire and uplift believers, fostering a deeper connection with God through praise and worship.

Download “Toya Eze by Tim Godfrey feat. Israel Houghton”

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