[New Song] God On My Matter – Lumen Great*

Chijioke’s musical journey began at the age of six, marking the start of what would become a remarkable career in the world of music. Joining the local choir, he not only discovered his vocal talents but also established the foundational skills that would serve him well throughout his life. During these formative years, his exceptional musical abilities started to emerge, greatly influenced by the rich tapestry of melodies and harmonies he experienced in his community and church settings.

As Chijioke matured, his enthusiasm for music deepened significantly. His exposure to a diverse array of musical styles and his innate ability to absorb and reinterpret these influences helped mold his artistic identity. By the time he was fifteen, he had already composed his first notable work, “More Than Gold.” This song was a testament to his burgeoning talent as a songwriter and reflected his deep emotional and spiritual insights, qualities that would define his later works.

However, Chijioke’s journey was not without its obstacles. Financial constraints posed significant challenges, particularly affecting the production and release of his music. Yet, these hurdles did not deter him; instead, they fueled his determination and resilience. The struggle to bring his creative visions to fruition only strengthened his resolve and commitment to his craft, teaching him invaluable lessons about perseverance and the importance of following one’s passion against all odds.

Today, Chijioke’s musical career is a beacon of inspiration to many. His story is a reminder of how determination and talent can overcome even the toughest challenges. In the spirit of such inspirational journeys, Lumen Great, a fellow artist in the Afro Gospel genre, has recently unveiled a new song titled “God on My Matter.” This release continues to highlight the vibrant and resilient spirit of artists who channel their life experiences and faith into their music, resonating deeply with audiences around the world.

Download “Lumen Great - God On My Matter”

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