[New Song] Street Input – Archlee*

Oladimeji Gbenga, a native of Lagos State, embarked on his musical journey several years ago. His musical prowess was unearthed at the tender age of 10, a talent that, unfortunately, did not receive the support it deserved. This lack of encouragement forced him to keep his musical ambitions subdued, lurking in the shadows.

However, everything changed when he stumbled upon Olamide’s profound words: “one man for himself, God for us all.” This mantra ignited a fire within Oladimeji, propelling him to cautiously but persistently pursue his musical dreams. Despite the continued absence of external support, he remains steadfast in his belief that his musical journey will lead him to remarkable places.

Oladimeji’s unwavering faith in God’s plan for his success serves as his guiding light, illuminating a path that he is confident will ultimately lead him to greatness. His story is not just one of talent and ambition but also of resilience and unwavering faith in his abilities.

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