Who Lied To Independent Nigerian Music Artists?*

You Can’t Easily Monetize Your Music Until You Become Famous, Who Sold The Lie That You Can?

It is sad that in Nigeria, all an independent upcoming artist thinks about is reward, reason why most of us are not growing. Oga, there is no reward, I am not monetizing your song in any way. If you don’t want to participate, you can leave.

We are talking about Targeted and Search Engine Optimized Exposure here and you are talking about rewards. Kindly exit, if that’s all you care about. Until you get signed to Label, no one should even think of making a dime from music, only labels can turn your fortunes around and the goal of Our Life Time Promotion Deal is targeted at being discovered, the reason it is a life time deal.

If you really think, that you must profit financially from this program/exercise, I encourage you to leave. And just being in Our WhatsApp/Telegram Group without actually enrolling will get you nowhere. It is when your works are being displayed for the world to see that you can actually shine, and when you shine, the would will appreciate your uniqueness and favour you financially.

What most of us do is to enlist with streaming platforms with the idea that we will be paid, whoever told you that has technically lied to you. You may get paid, but you not attract anything tangible. In the music industry, the glory comes before the money, fame must precede income. It is the fact that you are well known that transcends into raw cash after monetization.

People don’t discover your songs on streaming platforms because they are not looking for it.

People go in search of known brands and names to download and play those songs on streaming platforms.

I can’t really say that you have been lied to, but you were sold a half truth and your greed bought it because you felt money was involved.


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