It’s Gonna Be Alright – Pst. Ebiyepade*

Pastor Elayelagha Ebiyepade, known in the music scene as “Ebiyepade,” was born on December 8, 1995, in the serene town of Bomadi, nestled in the heart of Delta State. Growing up as the second child in his family, Ebiyepade’s early years were marked by a deep connection with music and a profound spiritual awareness.

From a young age, Ebiyepade found solace and inspiration in the teachings of Jesus, which became the cornerstone of his musical journey. His faith not only shaped his character but also became the driving force behind his music ministry. Ebiyepade’s songs are not just melodic compositions; they are heartfelt expressions of his unwavering faith and devotion to God.

With each new release, Ebiyepade aims to uplift souls and lead listeners into God’s eternal presence. His latest offering, “It’s Gonna be Alright,” is a poignant reminder of God’s faithfulness and a beacon of hope for those going through challenging times. Ebiyepade’s music transcends mere entertainment; it is a spiritual experience that touches the depths of the soul and leaves a lasting impact on all who listen.

Download “It's Gonna Be Alright - Pst.”

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