Thank U Lord – 2Baba*

“Thank U Lord” is one of the tracks on 2Baba’s debut album, “Face 2 Face,” released in 2004. This song stands out for its deeply spiritual and grateful tone, contrasting with some of the other more socially or romantically themed tracks on the album.

In “Thank U Lord,” 2Baba expresses his gratitude towards God for his successes and the blessings in his life. The lyrics reflect a personal narrative where he acknowledges the divine help he has received in overcoming challenges and achieving his dreams. It’s a heartfelt acknowledgment of spiritual support and personal humility, which resonates with listeners for its sincerity and relatable message of thankfulness.

Musically, the song combines gospel influences with the Afrobeat and R&B sounds that permeate the album, creating a uplifting and soulful melody that enhances the song’s theme of gratitude and reflection.

“Thank U Lord” is indicative of 2Baba’s versatility as an artist, capable of exploring a variety of themes from the celebratory to the introspective, all while maintaining his distinct musical style that blends various genre elements. This track, in particular, serves as a soothing and meditative piece that many fans appreciate for its emotive depth and spiritual resonance.

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