Odi Ya – 2Baba (featuring Blackface of Plantashun Boiz)*

“Odi Ya” is a track from 2Baba’s debut album “Face 2 Face,” released in 2004. This song is particularly special as it features Blackface, who was one of 2Baba’s bandmates in the former group Plantashun Boiz. The inclusion of Blackface on the track provides a nostalgic element for fans who followed their music before the group disbanded.

The title “Odi Ya” translates from Igbo, a language spoken in Nigeria, to “It’s There” in English. The song speaks about certainty and affirmation, often in the context of relationships and emotional commitments. With its smooth, Afrobeat rhythm and melodic overtones, “Odi Ya” mixes traditional Nigerian music styles with modern R&B influences, creating a sound that’s both locally resonant and broadly appealing.

Lyrically, the song reflects themes of love and assurance, characteristic of many tracks in the “Face 2 Face” album, but with a unique twist given the collaborative nature of the performance. The partnership between 2Baba and Blackface in this track not only underscores their musical chemistry but also highlights a moment of reunion in their careers.

“Odi Ya” remains a memorable track for fans, embodying both the individual artistry of 2Baba and the shared history of the Plantashun Boiz, offering listeners a blend of nostalgia and fresh musical creativity.

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