Do you want to make wealth? You Just Have to Start Something

Yes I want to make wealth, we all want to be wealthy, so what’s next? Start Something.....

It is surprising to discover that people whose hands are not doing anything are the ones who would always wish to be wealthier than Aliko Dangote and I often ask myself how that can possibly happen? An idle mind they say is the Devil’s workshop, but I’ll rather state thus; “An Idle hand is the Devil’s Toolbox”

Show me the hand that is not doing something and I’ll show you that man who can never appreciate God’s blessings in his/her life funny isn’t it? Sorry to deviate a little but have you not noticed that a greater percentage of those households not succeeding financially are due to the fact that most of the women in those homes sit down and do nothing, but ask their husbands for more and more, even more than their husbands actually earn.

You just have to start something today, no matter how minute, if it’s a business, it will eventually grow big, that’s a basic law of nature. God is watching and he is always in the business of asking about what we have in our hands and it is that which we have in our hands that HE multiplies.

Starting a business is like sowing a grain of corn. In due time the business will expand to not only take care of your immediate needs, but the needs of those around you if you allow it trickle down. God wants you to be wealthy, He wants you to be healthy and he also wants you to be a blessing to those around you but, there’s just one question that HE keeps asking;

Can You Handle My Blessings?

God wants to bless all of us but a lot of people may never receive God’s blessings until they attain Spiritual Maturity or the wealth God will bless them with may just be the tool needed to bury them six feet below.

Are you mature to be God’s wealthy servant on planet earth?



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