Africans and the New Religion

Of all the religions, Christianity and Islam are the main religions being practiced in Nigeria today. This article will focus on Christianity. I’m sure a couple of people have heard the word “Christendom” being used often. Basically Christendom refers to the part of the world where Christianity prevails.

It refers to Christians , their lifestyle and every aspect of them. A lot of ideologies about Christianity exists. Ideologies pertaining to how Christians are meant to live, act, and worship. Infact, while some believe that it is a religion others believe that it is not just a religion but a lifestyle that should be adopted by every Christian.

The deal now is that we have those that practice it as a religion and those that actually live it as a lifestyle. But the most interesting set of folks are those that are on the fence. They are neither here nor there. I call them the “In-between Christians”.

Two days religiosity, two days real Christians, why can’t you just belong somewhere? When things are in their favour, when everything is good they are real Christians, and they say and preach the true word as it is in the bible. Conversely, when things don’t go their way or they want to get something, they forget all about God.

That’s when you’ll hear comments like; “Guy forget the bible please“! “Lets face reality abeg”, As if those living the true life of Christ are being unrealistic. They twist scriptures to defend their selfish acts. These are the “In-between Christians”. Another set of “In between Christians” are the ones that use the cover of titles to perpetrate their nefarious acts. These are the most interesting category.

They by themselves ordain themselves pastors and begin to do evil and unimaginable things, they live double lives, misleading innocent people. We have heard of pastors who sleep with church members deceiving them into thinking it is a spiritual exercise, very terrible. A lot of times I have said to myself that if I wasn’t a Christian and I desire to become one, after seeing the way a lot of Christians live I would not even venture to be one.

Many Christians are hypocrites! They are Christians in church and totally different set of people outside the church premises. Some folks are ready to respect and even lie down for the pastor in church but they have no regard for anyone else.

Why the fake lifestyle?

Some people can even spend the night cleaning the church but to sweep in their houses will sound like an insult to them, if you ask them to do such. My advice to everyone, don’t be an “in-between Christian” live the true life of Christ both in church and outside the church. Don’t choose to be nice to your church members alone, everyone needs to be shown love.

The simple seemingly little love you show someone today can change their life forever. SHALLOM!

The best option for a lot of folks is to read and know the word so that you won't be blown about by every wind of change, and every thing that people say.

I may just be wrong about everything I have written above and so I would love to hear your view concerning this matter;



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